52 Week Content Plan Template

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Content Strategies, Emily, Resources

We’ve developed a FREE 52 week content plan template just for you, to help you plan your content, and stay accountable and consistent! The 52 week content plan template covers:

  • Setting up your weekly, quarterly and annual goals
  • Topic Generation
  • Planning for different marketing channels
  • A calendar template

Here’s How To Set Up Your 52 Week Content Plan

  1. Set your goals!

    Lucky for you we have a complete goal planning post you can reference to get started with your content strategy! Read this quick post first then come right back! When you’ve established your goals, add them to your template! (pssst you can download your template just above this li’l paragraph!)

  2. Brainstorm Party!

    Brainstorm a list of 52 topics! Challenge yourself to do this in 1 hour (it’s definitely possible!). Remember, these topics might change as your content evolves but the point is to get as much out as you possibly can to get started. Don’t hold back, and don’t self-edit during this process, see where it takes you!

  3. Assign A Publication Date

    It’s as easy as it sounds! Just write a date in the dang cell so you can keep yourself accountable. Go one step further and assign yourself a task in whichever project management tool you’re using! We love Asana!

  4. Select A Medium

    A medium is the way in which you’ll produce your content. A medium could be a video, an audio podcast, a written blog, an infographic, a picture etc.

  5. Set The Primary and Secondary Channels

    Channels are the way in which you’ll broadcast your content. Channels could be your website, your YouTube channel, your email list etc. It’s optional to select a secondary channel – we always recommend that if you’re going to be publishing in multiple places that you use your secondary channel to direct people back to your primary channel. So if I’m posting a video to YouTube and I want more subscribers there, I’ll post a teaser of the video on my secondary channel, Facebook.

  6. Start Populating The Monthly Calendars

    Each monthly tab in our 52 week content plan template has been set up with the same mediums and channels. This is a bonus if you like seeing things in a calendar at a glance. You can also just stick with your topic view to keep things simple! The benefit of adding your topics, mediums and channels in each monthly view is that you can outline other ways you will cross-promote your content or campaigns. Use both the topic tab and the monthly calendar tabs to give yourself a clear picture of the work you need to do to execute your amazing content plan!

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