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How to embed a podcast player to boost your search rankings!

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Today I’m showing you how to embed a podcast player from BuzzSprout into your blog to boost your search engine rankings.

Why should you embed a podcast player on your site?

Strategically, if you have a podcast, you should have a website for it and every single episode should have its own blog post, where you embed a player, because you want to make it easy on people to find the content that they’re looking for.

So if they’re searching for you in Google and your website pops up and all they find is a link going somewhere else to download your podcast, it’s a bit of a deterrent and they’re not likely to take so many extra steps, especially if they’re brand new.

By making sure that you have an embedded podcast player in your blog every single time, you’re going to make it significantly easier for people to want to engage with your content.

More reasons to embed a podcast player on your site!

Did you know that search engines like Google like it when people stay on your website for longer periods of time? Did you also know, that embedding a podcast player directly into a blog post makes it easy for people to do that?

And of course there’s the added bonus of how cool it looks, having that interactive feature on your website that people can truly engage with!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been doing this, start now! And if you have been embedding your podcast into your site, how’s it going? Tell me what’s working and not working!

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