Hey! I’m Emily!

I have been creating totally different careers for myself for over a decade, and in my travels I’ve picked up a LOT of different skills.

I have started multiple companies, written the score for a horror film, started and unceremoniously ended more podcasts than I care to remember, and my latest venture is being 1/5th of a sketch comedy troupe. Oh yeah.

Now, I have decided that it’s time to share what I’ve learned with YOU so that YOU can do everything you want to do too!

I’m all about taking action and creating opportunities, so if you’re ready to jump in and start creating amazing content, I’m ready to help you do it! WOOHOO!

I believe that everyone can be creative!

All The Cards On The Table

I wasn’t always able to just be me. I spent so many years hiding my creative self in order to “advance” my career. Although I thought that’s what my bosses wanted to see (and in some cases it was), limiting my creativity at “work” actually set me back for years.

And let me tell you – hiding your creative self externally also hides it internally, which is so very draining and damaging. Shout out to my therapist!

I didn’t realize that my creative abilities are actually what my clients, friends, family, (heck even strangers) really needed from me. So I started showing up with creativity in literally every aspect of my life, as much as I possibly could, and it changed EVERYTHING.

Happy Clients

Creative Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Horror Films.

Here’s what I believe in

Anyone anywhere can tap into their creativity to grow their businesses 

Collaboration is the key to producing amazing work

You can choose to surround yourself with people that cheer you on, and say goodbye to the ones that don’t

Comedy is one of the most essential things on planet earth

Pizza is never not an option

More About Me! And Free Stuff!

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Episode 4: Managing Your Multi-Hyphen Career

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Episode 3: How I Built My Creative Career

Episode 3: How I Built My Creative Career

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52 Week Content Plan Template

52 Week Content Plan Template

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