Podcast Guest Prep Checklist

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Podcast Resources

Guest prep is SO important for your podcast! So I created a handy dandy little podcast guest prep checklist for you to refer to as you get your guest prepared to be on your show!

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Check the tech!

  • Is your guest’s mic set up properly?
  • Are they wearing wired headphones?
  • Have they closed their windows?

Set your backups!

  • Are you recording to your computer?
  • Are you also recording in Zencastr?

Lead with confidence!

  • Have you set the purpose for this recording?
  • Do your questions support this episode’s purpose?
  • Does your guest know what the outcome should be?

Plugs & promos

  • Is your guest prepared to promote their offer?
  • Does the offer align with what your audience needs?
  • Does your guest know to save the “hard sell” for the end of the episode?

REMEMBER: Communicate with your guest clearly and be the confident podcast host you know you are!

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