How To Turn IGTV Videos Into A Podcast

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Blog, New Podcasters, Podcasters

Today I’m showing you how to turn your IGTV videos into a podcast episode! Watching the tutorial video? Make sure you subscribe and ring the bell so you always know when new tutorials drop!

Important Recording Tips for IGTV Audio

Before I get into the demo I want to make sure to highlight a few key points about turning IGTV videos or lives into podcast content.

  1. When you’re recording, make sure you’re in a quiet space with no background noise
  2. If possible, keep your phone steady or on a tripod so that it doesn’t capture any rustling sounds
  3. If recording with guests, make sure the first two points are covered for them as well!
  4. During recording with a guest, make sure to not speak over one another, otherwise you’ll have almost inaudible sound to work with and you’ll have to cut it all out. The echo cancellation software that Instagram uses will muffle you if your guest is too loud and vice versa.
  5. Don’t use airpods or bluetooth headphones! Just stick with the mic in the phone, or headphones that come with the phone that also include a mic. Bluetooth headphones notoriously cut out.

Downloading Your IG Live Videos

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Download the video immediately after recording from Instagram (best way)
  2. Download the video using an app called ClipGrab (featured in this tutorial)
  3. Download the video using a web browser 3rd party software that is sketchy and weird and comes with a lot of popups.

If you forget to download your video after recording directly from Instagram, I’ve found that ClipGrab will give you the best output when you download your videos. The other web-based apps have a weird encoding, which means that when you go in to edit them, they’re either super slowed down or super sped up. It’s a nightmare to edit! Although not impossible.

Download ClipGrab

  1. Head to for Windows or for a Mac and click the green “Free Download” button.
  2. Follow the prompts on your computer to download the ClipGrab app, the demo in the video shows you how this works on a Mac.
  3. Install the app, then open it.

Download Your IGTV Video

  1. Copy the URL for an IGTV video making sure to change the URL from “tv” to “p”, for example:
  2. Enter the URL in the search bar in ClipGrab and hit “Search”
  3. Select the format you want, I suggest mp3 for audio only
  4. Download the audio file to your computer
  5. Edit your audio as normal for your podcast

And that’s it! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more podcast tutorial videos like this, and check out my podcast Ultimate Podcast Marketing for more podcaster content!

Tutorial: How to turn an IGTV video into a podcast episode - image above text is of a white hand holding an iPhone using Instagram

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