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How to make an audiogram with headliner

by | Podcast Resources

Need to know how to make an audiogram for your podcast? This video shows you exactly how to make an audiogram using an app called Headliner. AND, I’m so jazzed about audiograms that I made you TWO different versions, one for the desktop app and one for the mobile app!


This video shows the desktop method to make an audiogram using Headliner. This version of the app has more functionality and more capabilities, such as adding your own colours or choosing different fonts. It also has my favourite karaoke style animated text to go along with the audio waveform! Super eye catching!


This video shows the mobile version to make an audiogram using Headliner. This app can be used in a pinch, but I definitely prefer the desktop version. The mobile app doesn’t have the capability to do transcriptions, which means no captions. It also doesn’t have the ability to let you add your own colours in via hex code, however, it does do quite a lot for a content creation app!

Why I Love Audiograms

It’s so important to make an audiogram to market your podcast in some capacity, whether it’s to grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling, or if it’s to provide people with the option to view your content with the sound off. Of course, podcasting is an audio medium so it can be tough to grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling!

An image is less likely to get their attention, which is why I love to make an audiogram for each episode of my podcasts.

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