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How To Create A Content Map With A Podcast

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Need a quick breakdown to create a content map with your podcast? HERE YA GO, PAL!

Big picture!

What’s happening in your business this year? Start with your annual goals! If you want to make a certain dollar amount in revenue by the end of the year, list that. Then, map out the timelines. Focus on the outcome so that we can build our plan backwards.

Business Cycles

Now, look at everything three months at a time – how do your business activities flow into one another? List topics that will support your business cycle and the goals you’ve listed out in step 1.

Planning Promos

At this stage it’s also important to know what you want to be promoting so that you can direct your audience to take a specific action. You can work your lead magnets into the content of the episode, or record separate promos with music layered underneath for a more direct approach.

Creating More Content

From here, you should have a complete plan for your content, and all that’s left is recording, editing and creating the promotional assets to go along with it!

And that’s it! Now, each week you’ll have a clear framework for the content you need to create, and it all stems from your podcast content!

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