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Tutorial: How To Use Dynamic Content with BuzzSprout

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So, BuzzSprout has released a super cool new feature called Dynamic Content, which means you can swap in (and out) different ads and promos whenever the heck ya want, to all your shows! That means if someone finds your podcast and listens to an old episode, you can still promote relevant, timely offers that put moolah in your pocket! Cool, right?

In this video I’m showing you how to use Dynamic Content in BuzzSprout to add and change promos and ads to your podcast at the beginning and end of each episode. Note that you’ll need to be using BuzzSprout as your podcast host in order to do this. You can sign up for an account here!

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Step 1. Create a promo!

Record a promo or ad talking about your offer, or an ad for a sponsor. Keep it short ‘n sweet! Or long – I guess if you like long ads. I personally don’t. I skip through them. Regardless of what you’re promoting, make sure your audience wants to hear about it and it provides some kind of value to them. For example, if you offer copywriting services, promote an offer that helps your listeners with copywriting!

Record your content and save it as its own separate file. Make sure to keep this file shorter than 5 minutes! Then move onto step two!

Step 2. Upload that promo!

In BuzzSprout under the Episodes menu, you’ll now find a new menu item called “Dynamic Content”. Here, you can upload your super fancy new promo either to the beginning of your episodes (pre-roll) or the end of your episodes (post-roll).

I love that BuzzSprout also provides the option to change promos for your entire podcast episode catalogue as well! “Dynamic content will be applied to all new episode uploads and can be optionally applied to your entire episode history.”

Now all you need to do is select the file you want to add, and upload it! Voila! BuzzSprout takes care of the rest!

Keep in mind that if you want to promote something on a specific day, it takes about 24 hours for the ad to populate across all of the podcast directories. Sometimes Apple Podcasts may take even longer depending on what the overlords are up to that day. So, if you want to be safe, test this feature out with a simple promo so that you get a sense of how it works before a BIIIIG launch.

Step 3. Enjoy your magical content!

Change up your promos as needed! Like the filter in your Brita jug. Unless like me you just… never remember. In which case – maybe set an alarm for yourself to change it.

If you want to remove ALL the dynamic content you can also do this with the click of a button! “Remove Pre-Rolls and Post-Rolls from all existing episodes”

And that’s it!

Now get to promotin’ partner!

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