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How To Launch A Content Marketing Strategy – Podcasts

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My very first podcast, Her Name Is, was a great experiment in putting a podcast together. And though I wasn’t using the podcast as a content marketing tool, it actually created an opportunity for my co-host (the unmatchably awesome Jenny Tang) and I to develop and execute a brand and marketing strategy with about five bucks and all the talent we could muster. It was amazing.

Although it didn’t live a terribly long life, I learned SO much about what it takes to have a successful podcast. To us, a successful podcast meant a certain number of downloads and reach, and a consistent production schedule. To others, it might be “how much money can I make podcasting?” or “how many leads can I get from a podcast?” or “how many downloads can I get?”

A successful podcast can be many things, and that’s up to you.

When you’re planning your podcast for your business, I always recommend looking at it from the perspective of providing value for your potential clients and customers. How can you design topics and episodes that address the questions your audience is asking?

By providing high value (i.e. free content that demonstrates how smart you are in a particular area) you are developing the know-trust-like factor with people who are new to you. If you are expecting big sponsors or sales right out of the gate, podcasting might not be for you.

How can you use podcast content marketing to support your business?

If you’re using a podcast as part of your marketing mix, your goal will probably be to drive traffic to your website or elevate your brand and build trust with potential clients. Here’s my goal for The Ultimate Creative:

Goal: Develop client pipeline to increase revenue by 10% over the next three months through monthly podcast production packages.

And here are my supporting objective and tactics:

Objective: Increase visibility and awareness of podcasting as a content strategy through free lead magnets

Tactic 1: Create original content (podcasts, blogs, videos, checklists etc.) that helps new business owners understand how to create their own podcasts and content strategies.

Tactic 2: Develop nurture email campaigns that provide step-by-step guidance for starting effective podcasts

I know that my potential clients are looking for ways to boost their brands and get their products and services out there, so I want to provide them with tools to do that. When I design topics for my podcast, I want to answer questions that my audience has, bring guests on that will speak to their pain points and provide solutions, and give them an opportunity to learn what it’s like to work with me one on one.

Each week, I release a new episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing that highlights a specific problem my listeners have with podcasting, and then provides a solution to the problem. I also use the podcast as an opportunity to share my clients’ experiences so that new podcasters can feel safer about podcasting – because it can be overwhelming at first!

By making it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their podcasts with confidence,

Is podcasting right for your business?

Here’s how I see it. If you’re serious about growing your reach, attracting clients that you LOVE to work with, want your content marketing to be easier and take less time, you should probably start a podcast. Aside from establishing yourself as an industry expert, you’re also going to develop your confidence, grow your network, and give your potential clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you, which is definitely going to result in higher revenues.

Interested in what it actually takes to start a podcast? You might just be a perfect fit for my mini-course, How To Start A Podcast!

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