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How To Launch A Content Marketing Strategy – Videos

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Video killed the radio star. And now video content is totally dominating social feeds! So where are your videos? Add video content to your marketing strategy STAT!

If you’re a little nervous about taking the leap to add video content to your marketing strategy, let me ease your worries. It is SO easy to grab your phone and just start talking. Alright, don’t forget to hit record and whatnot. You know what I mean. I also completely understand how scary it is to do it! I’m presently shaking in my boots just thinking about how I’m going to make myself add video to my own content strategy, because I know video is what’s grabbing attention right now.

And I make horror movies. Go figure.

There are a few types of videos you can incorporate into your overall marketing mix:

  • Videos you can shoot on your phone or webcam like live/social media videos
  • Videos that you produce (with your in-house team, or your cat) that are planned out and use a bit more equipment
  • Professionally produced videos that are hired out to a production house

If we break this down further, each video type has its own uses.

  • Phone/webcam video – These go on social media
    • Quick livestreams to chat with your followers/fans about what you’re working on
    • Event-related videos that might be of interest to your followers
    • Sneak peeks at new products or product development
    • Behind-the-scenes
  • Videos with a bit more equipment – These go on social + YouTube
    • Thought leadership or topical vlogs
    • How-to videos
    • Unboxing your product
  • Professionally produced videos – These go on social + YouTube + front & centre on your website
    • Advertisements
    • Explainers
    • Animated

All of these options are really going to depend on your goals. What’s that? You don’t have goals? Hurry read this fast and make some goals before you go any further!

Let’s use my original goal for The Ultimate Creative: Develop client pipeline to increase revenue by 10% over the next three months through monthly podcast production packages.

The most logical videos for me to start with would be “how-to” videos. In a how-to video I can show people how to use a Blue Yeti microphone or My Top 5 Podcast Marketing Strategies.

I’m going to plan a series of videos, let’s say five, that show people how to automate their podcast marketing. By breaking it up into smaller chunks, people can find what they’re looking for faster (if, for example they only really want to know how one element works), and I’m developing a robust content library.

Here’s what that will look like:

  • Video 1: Apps I love to market podcasts
    • Release date: Friday, February 2, 2018
  • Video 2: Using Headliner to automate YouTube videos for every episode
    • Release date: Friday, February 9, 2018
  • Video 3: Setting up an automated email for your podcast with Mailchimp
    • Release date: Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Video 4: Scheduling podcasts in advance with BuzzSprout
    • Release date: Friday, February 23, 2018
  • Video 5: Getting more subscribers with onboarding email funnels
    • Release date: Friday, March 2, 2018

You might have noticed I’m launching each video on a Friday, every week. By keeping my content output consistent, I’m developing trust with my viewers and potential new clients, the same way I’m developing trust with you right now.
I’ll talk more about the different types of videos you might want to add to your content marketing strategy in a future blog post.

Have you added video content to your marketing strategy? What were your results? Would you do it again?

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