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Investing In Your Business AND Yourself

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If you’re a podcaster that wants to earn money from your podcast, you need to have a solid financial plan ready to go. If you’re a business owner that has a podcast, you need to know how your podcast is supporting your business financially. How do you figure this out? With my wonderful pal and client Melissa Houston, the host of the Think Like A CFO podcast!

Melissa Houston is the host of the Think Like A CFO Podcast which is a super-charged one-stop-shop resource for anything and everything related to business finances for women entrepreneurs. She’s also my business finance coach, and seriously, I’m not lying when I say she SAVED my business from financial disaster… yet again. But more on that later.

Melissa works with entrepreneurs to empower them with the essential financial knowledge they need to make important decisions in their businesses, to plan for various taxes and expenses throughout the year, and to come out the other side with zillions more dollars than they had before working with her. I know this, again, because she helped me do exactly this!

I wanted to bring Melissa on today for a few reasons. One, as podcasters, we need to be aware of the costs of our podcasts so that we can measure the impact more accurately. Two, we need to be thinking long-term and strategically about what we talk about in our podcasts to give our incomes a boost – whether you use podcasting to market and promote your business or as its own income stream. And three, because I think Melissa can share some really great behind the scenes stories of personal development as a podcaster, and why hiring a coach (financial, podcast or otherwise) is generally a good idea to achieve your goals faster and with less devastating frustration.

In this episode we cover:

  • What led Melissa to this particular career as a financial coach
  • The value of hiring a coach to work through personal development, financial, business, podcasting or otherwise
  • Melissa’s podcasting journey
  • Entrepreneurship being a lifelong commitment to personal development
  • Why coaches are essential for entrepreneurs
  • Creating your podcast content that reaches the people that you want to help in a meaningful way

If you need a hand with your business finances, yes, even if you just have a Patreon and this is another revenue stream for you – you should be thinking about this stuff!

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Investing in your business and yourself - how podcasters can benefit from coaching. Picture of Melissa Houston, white smiling woman sitting on couch wearing pink shirt behind computer.

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