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The Career Rebel

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So you want to have a creative career but you’re stuck in a grey, lifeless cubicle. Who better to talk to on todays episode of The Ultimate Creative Podcast, than The Career Rebel Coach herself, Rachel Depres!

Rachel helps 9-5ers break out of their conventional careers to pursue their dream careers, and earn great money while they do it. Originally she started out with a blog to inspire people to pursue creative careers, but she discovered that although her clients were intrigued at the idea of a “creative career,” they didn’t actually consider themselves creative.

In fact, Rachel didn’t totally recognize herself as a creative until she considered that her writing was her creative superpower.

“As long as you have that barrier up, where you say "I'm not creative," it's pretty hard for creativity to express itself when you're just kind of hell bent and determined on making sure it doesn't.” – Rachel Despres, Host of The Career Rebel Podcast

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • How Rachel helps clients to tap into their creativity and earn money from it
  • The biggest hurdle people face when leaving their 9-5s and starting their unconventional career paths
  • What Rachel thinks is the most important step to take to get started

About Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres is a Career Coach for Rebels who, after successfully escaping her own cubicle, began helping others break free of their desk jobs and build unconventional careers that truly fit with who they are—from creative work, to side hustles, to starting a business.


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