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Done Is Better Than Perfect!

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This week, I’m taking you behind the scenes with Podcast Rocketeer Nicola Holmes to give you an inside look at the planning process of a podcast.

I’m often sharing strategies about getting started or different ways to set up your mic, but I realized that there’s one crucial step that’s missing from the narrative, which is that there’s a journey between the start and finish lines! Duh!

And since one of the biggest roadblocks my clients and Rocketeers face is overwhelm, I thought sharing a mid-way point story in progress would help you gain a bit of perspective on how so many other podcasters-to-be are working through these feelings.

Pushing through the overwhelm

When professional coach and facilitator Nicola joined Podcast Rocket her primary hangup was getting stuck in “analysis paralysis” – should she focus more on coaching theories or interviews with clients? Should the title be “All Things Change” or “Changing All Things”? Or something else entirely?

It wasn’t that she didn’t have the content ideas, it was just that she had too many. In week 1 of Podcast Rocket she shared on the group call what her challenges were in organizing all of the moving pieces, so we came up with a plan of action (and a hard deadline) to pick a title and nail down a description. And guess what, she did it!

Pro tip: done is better than perfect!

Recovering perfectionist over here! I get it! That’s why I’m so excited to share the experience of someone who has made it through, and she’s going to explain exactly how she did it.

If you’re struggling with the process of starting your podcast, this episode is for you. It’s going to show you that yes, there is a way to get past the initial overwhelm, and feel confident in your ability to produce and publish a weekly show, it just takes that one first step!

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Done Is Better Than Perfect!

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