Podcast Content Ideas To Get Over Creative Blocks

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Podcast

Every once in a while I totally hit the wall with podcast content ideas and need to either ditch the topics I came up with a few months ago, or save them for a more strategic time like a product or course launch. When I’m totally blocked, I always go back to my tried and true strategy to just sit down and write out 52 topics in about 30 minutes. They’re not all going to be great, heck, some might never see the light of day! But by writing down 52 very rapidly I can prove to myself that there is plenty to talk about!

How To Generate Podcast Content Ideas Quickly

Start with a notebook or a spreadsheet, whichever works best for you. Then, follow the prompts I list out in this episode to help you generate as many podcast content ideas as you can as quickly as you can:

  • Activities – What types of hands-on activities can you guide your listeners through?
  • Guests – Who have you been thinking about bringing on that could speak to a topic your listeners are asking about?
  • Polls – This will help with your social media engagement as well, ask your audience a question using Instagram polls and see what the responses are.
  • Case studies – Who have you served recently that could tell a great transformational story?
  • Timely/topical – What’s going on in the world that you want to speak to? What are some industry changes that impact the work you do with your clients?
  • Facebook or IG Lives – Download the recordings and share them as podcast episodes! Great for collabs!
  • Webinars – Hold live webinars to generate leads, then repurpose the content for a podcast in a few weeks.
  • Personal Growth Stories – Share some of the transformations you’ve experienced as a result of your work/business/life that will give your audience a sneak peek into your life (build that trust!)

Still stuck?

In my mini course “Podcast Prep Party ” I’ve included bonus lessons with even more prompts to help you generate engaging podcast content ideas to fill up that content calendar quickly. Get instant access here!

Podcast Content Ideas To Get Over Creative Blocks

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