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Minx Your Morning

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Need some inspiration? Not sure how to find motivation? Well I’ve got the podcast for YOU! Minx Your Morning is the perfect solution for anyone needing an awesome energy boost to kick-start new beginnings and overcome big obstacles! It’s a jam-packed inspiration party hosted by the one and only, Liat Horovitz!

About The Podcast

Minx Your Morning is the daily dose of motivation and inspiration you need to lift your spirits, clarify your goals and set your intentions for a power day ahead! This podcast and daily Instagram LIVE show is brought to you by Liat Horovitz – your coach and cheerleader here to help you live the life you love. Liat left her corporate job after thirteen years to live her life on purpose as a transformation coach, video blogger and people lover. If you're passionate and driven to transform your life, and up-level your personal growth and productivity – these insightful interviews, practical tools and valuable resources are especially for you. Listen and learn how to minx your morning, and elevate your life!

What To Expect

Liat interviews entrepreneurs, leaders and creators about their lives and the big challenges they’ve overcome. Originally an IGTV series, we repurposed the content to share far and wide, direct to your favourite podcast app! Each interview tackles challenges we can all relate to, which gives listeners a mega boost of energy to go out and minx their mornings!

What I Love About it

Listening to an episode of Minx Your Morning is like spending an afternoon at a conference with all the top inspirational speakers! And with such a variety of guests, it’s going to have something for everyone that wants to find the courage to go into the world and make an impact.

More Minx Your Morning To Come!

Download Minx Your Morning wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Liat on Instagram @liathorovitz

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