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Launch Strategy Podcasting with Sara Vartanian

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If you have an online business that serves many people, chances are you’ve heard of “launching”. If, like me, you had no idea what this was until only a few months ago, my guest today, Sara Vartanian is here to tell you all about it, and how podcasting can help you with your launch strategy!

Sara is a Launch Strategist and Copywriter who built her business to align with the flexibility she needed in her schedule, which meant switching to more one-to-many services like her Launch Playbook Club and Accelerator. Now, she helps her clients do the same!

Go on a listening tour.

The first thing Sara recommends doing is going on a “listening tour” which means finding the places that your ideal customer is hanging out, and listening to what they’re saying so that you can “read their minds” and give them exactly what they need with your copy.

What are the common things holding them back? What are the questions they’re typically asking?

Then, write your content to help address those common questions and feelings. More about that in her amazing mini-course The List Playbook.

Focus on the long game.

Launching isn’t just about creating an offer (like a course) and putting it out into the world and hoping for the best. It’s actually about refining and testing and resetting and doing that over and over until you figure out a strategy that can really work for your audience and your business. And that’s exactly what Sara specializes in.

Because she focuses on helping her clients to launch and she’s in the trenches with them, she know’s what to look for in a successful launch strategy, and the tools that can achieve success!

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Launch Strategy Podcasting with Sara Vartanian

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