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Developing Your Creative Process

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Today on The Ultimate Creative Podcast we’re talking about how to develop your own creative process!

What works for everyone will not work for you. And what works for you now will not work for you this time next year – or maybe even this time next month! I'll share a few different ideas that you can try to squeeze more creative juice out of your brains as we melt into this lovely pre-July heat! It's going to be HUUUUMMIIIIID! WOOT!

We'll be covering:

🤔 Why is creative process important?

😵‍💫 How do you set yourself up for creative success?

🤨 What will your creative process look like?

Why do we want to have a process anyway?

👉 It’s easier to set expectations for clients and for yourself

👉 You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time

👉 It can be easier to release self-limiting behaviours and thoughts because we are naturally in the creative flow

Getting into that creative flow state is really what this is all about, and paying attention to how you arrive to this creative flow state is equally important, so that you can remove the barriers to getting there.

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