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Creating Your Juicy Personal Brand

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In this episode of The Ultimate Creative, The Juicy CEO herself, Monique Bryan is here to tell you exactly how to create your own juicy personal brand!

We’re talking about the difference between a regular brand and a personal brand, why it’s important as entrepreneurs and creators to be extremely aware of your personal brand and how you appear online, AND, Monique is sharing a few tips on how to get your digital house in check!

I also asked Monique what she considers to be the top 3 pieces of content she recommends to grow your personal brand, here’s what she said:

  1. Your genesis story – why you do what you do, and how you got here.
  2. Accomplishments – what are you proud of? What awards are you winning? What have you achieved?
  3. Testimonials – screen grabs, written, video, anything that shows people how you help your clients! How have you changed people’s lives?

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