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Need a bit of a romantic relationship pick-me-up? Spending all your couple time worrying about the kiddos? Then you definitely need to check out Allison Villa’s new podcast, Couplehood!

About The Podcast

In the Couplehood podcast, you’ll learn key communication strategies that will help you speak your truth and share with your partner in a loving and constructive way. Hosted by Allison Villa – a registered psychotherapist and relationship expert – with a mission to empower parents to make their romantic relationship a priority. We’ll dive deep into the reasons why so many couples let the little things brew in their relationships — and how you can face these proactively to avoid putting your couple in the breakdown lane. You’ll discover why self-care can actually be the key to having a harmonious relationship and how easy it can be to schedule it into your day — even as a busy parent!

What To Expect

Allison shares her own experiences as guideposts for different ways to work with your partner to keep your couple time for YOU! Allison is really intuitive and empathetic and it comes through in her podcast as well. If your couple is stressing you out, this is definitely a podcast to start into immediately – it’s a calm way to reflect, repair and move towards a more fulfilling romantic relationship with your partner!

What I Love About it

I’m personally a mega-fan of all things therapy, and my partner Justin and I very much benefited from couple’s therapy after we finished our film Impossible Horror a few years ago. Honestly … don’t make a horror film in your apartment. It’s not a great idea. But I digress. I’ve always been a fan of proactively seeking out counselling both personally and for my relationship with Justin, because the things you learn in therapy will last you for YEARS to come! The tools, the communication – it’s essential! And now with Allison’s podcast I get to be proactive in preparing for life with kiddos! (You know, when we have kids eventually!)

What Allison Says

“Ahhhhh!!! You are so amazing!! Thank you for your support and for making the sound quality sooooo excellent. Grateful for YOU!! 💕”- Allison Villa

The best is yet to come!

Download Couplehood wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Allison on Instagram @allison__villa

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