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Captivate + Convert with Christy Cegelski

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Need to make some conversions? Look no further than Captivate + Convert with Christy Cegelski! This podcast is THE go-to podcast for copywriting and digital marketing all wrapped up in one! Christy has such a command for persuasive writing, I had to scoop up her landing page templates IMMEDIATELY whilst editing her episodes!

About The Podcast

What if you could attract the people you actually WANT to work with, render the competition irrelevant, and get paid to do what only YOU can do? The Captivate and Convert Podcast with Christy Cegelski will show you how. As a connection-driven conversion copywriter and email strategist, Christy talks all things copywriting, marketing, and branding. Each week she’ll share tips and strategies designed to help you become known in your niche so you’ll have ZERO competition, as well as in-depth conversations with other online biz experts. Expect a few fun, thought-provoking “Christy Questions” that just might make you shift in your seat a little bit (because that’s the stuff you really want to know!)

What To Expect

Christy shares step-by-step processes to develop copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers, and turn them into avid fans! She combines that with guest experts in various areas of digital marketing to give her listeners an holistic approach to growing an online business, and I frickin’ love it.

What I Love About it

Christy has a super special segment with her guests where she asks her classic “Christy Questions” that put her guests in the hot seat! I got to be in the hot seat! It was on FIRE! You never really know what you’re going to get which makes it extra fun! She also gives her listeners a breakdown of how to use her offers, so it’s a no-brainer to go buy everything she sells! EVERYTHING!

What Christy Says

“When this girl talks podcasts, I’m all ears. The first time we talked, it was pretty obvious she knew her sh*t and I hired her on the spot. Not only has she taken the tech-burden of creating a podcast off my hands but she also broke down how to use my podcast to increase my visibility and build my brand, and the step-by-step plan to map it out and launch it.”

Christy is on FIRE!

Download Captivate + Convert wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Christy on Instagram @christycegelski

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