Reflection Time! Celebrating wins & learning lessons in 2020

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Podcast

On today’s episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing I’m taking a look back at all the wins and lessons learned from 2020! Rest assured this will not be an episode about quote-unquote “unprecedented times” because I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of COVID content. Instead, I want to share some super cool things about The Ultimate Creative, about my clients, and about yours truly!

In this episode I talk about my challenges and wins with:

  • Course Launches
  • One-to-one Services
  • Financial Fitness
  • Gratitude!
  • Personal Accomplishments

And, client accomplishments! Including:

  • 12 podcasts launched with one on one services
  • With a grand total of 17 launched all time and 3 more due to come out in January
  • 10 Podcast Rocketeers through my course Podcast Rocket
  • 18 podcast production clients
  • 1 podcast coaching client (more on that later)
  • 344 episodes produced (including my own)
  • 35,083 downloads for all episodes altogether

Now looking forward, i’m really excited that I get to help more podcasters share their voices. Honestly I didn’t realize just how fulfilling I found this work until I gave myself permission to enjoy what I do, and just create great content and provide guidance.

17 clients, well over 300 episodes edited, over 20 podcasts I’ve helped in some way to launch just in this last year alone, 10+ speaking gigs to talk about podcasting, it’s amazing. Not to mention my amazing team, Valeska my Copy Chief and Laura my Editor – without them this would be completely impossible!

I’m really happy that I’m able to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to confidently share their content and to do it in a way that allows them to grow their businesses. I hope get to continue to do this for years to come!

I’m so grateful for all of the people that I’ve worked with over the last year that helped me get to this place. It’s impossible to do this entrepreneur thing g alone, and we all need friends and mentors and coaches. The three coaches I mentioned in this episode are fabulous by the way if you need help in any of these areas.


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