Quiz: Should I actually be doing this?

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You’re at one of many crucial moments in your life and you’re asking yourself, “should I actually be doing this?” You’ve been here before and you’ll be here again, there’s no denying that. Are you making the right decision for you for your current situation? Have you weighed all the options? Are you prepared for what happens next, no matter the outcome?

Really, the only person that can answer “should I actually be doing this?” is you.

This quiz is meant to help you organize your thoughts and discover your true underlying motivations. The only way to know if you should be doing this thing that you’re doing, or starting this thing that you’re starting, is if you do the hard internal work! That means being honest with yourself and zeroing in on the voice that’s pushing you to make a change.

This quiz will help you determine:

  • Whether your motivations are based on fear or courage
  • If you’ve planned financially for this leap
  • Where you can draw support from when you need it
  • If you’ve planned mentally for the work you’re about to do

I know this is scary! Heck I’ve asked myself “should I actually be doing this?” so many times in my life I can’t even count! And I still need to go through this process to figure my shit out. Here’s what can tell you from my many years of self-doubt and confusion – by turning your focus inward, you will have a greater sense of confidence in your own motivations vs. external influences and you will trust yourself more.

Take the quiz below to do some self-analysis and uncover a few lil nuggets you may not have thought about before. Remember, I know you can do whatever you want to do, and I know you’re going to make the right decision for you when the time comes – it’s just a matter of being prepared to take the leap! WOO!

Should I Actually Be Doing This
How excited are you about this project?
1 being none, 5 being SO MUCH!
Have you organized yourself and your household financially for this project?
Do your finances need to be reorganized in order for you to get started?
Have you prepared financial projections and a business plan?
Is it possible that you're holding yourself back because of social pressures?
1 being never, 5 being A LOT.
If you're not telling people about what you're doing, why?
Be honest with yourself - do the opinions of the people you're worried about actually matter? Do they care about your happiness and future?
Is there an essential external influence preventing you from doing this?
If you had the option to do anything right now, would you still be doing this?
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Here are a few resources to help you get started:


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