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Podcasting To Inspire True Body Acceptance With Jenn Green

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In this episode, Jenn Green, founder of This Baby Mama Body and I get VERY passionate about how women’s bodies are portrayed in the media, and what it means to start a podcast that aims to normalize larger women. Jenn is a plus-sized fitness coach who refuses to believe that women should be made to feel like their bodies aren’t good enough, post-partum (or at any time for that matter!). And now, she’s launching a podcast to help more women move towards true body acceptance.

Getting Vocal

Jenn was one of the first Podcast Rocketeers back in May of 2020 and I was SO excited for her to join! Her passion for podcasting as a medium to share the stories of women who have given birth really speaks to my social justice warrior nature, because sharing stories about women’s bodies (and especially larger bodies) is in and of itself an act of defiance against the patriarchy.

Originally, Jenn had planned to do a full “Humans Of New York” style show, and to stay away from the mic. But then, she realized she needed to be part of the conversation, and I’m so glad she made that decision.

The most important thing we can do as podcasters is use our own voices to inspire others to do the same. And it might seem really hard and really scary at first to put yourself right in the middle of the spotlight, but by opening up and being vulnerable and saying what you believe, you make it possible for others to do the same.

And that is exactly what Jenn is doing with her new podcast, Body Talks by Baby Mamas.

Oh heck yeah, we both hate the patriarchy.

To hear Jenn speak about creating a world where mothers don’t feel like they need to “get their pre-baby bodies back” or spend countless hours doing exercise as a punishment, is so powerful. When she shares her philosophies (and she also shares more on Kirsten Jordan’s podcast, Perfectly Imperfect Social) you can’t help but wonder why the hell no one else is talking about health and fitness the way she does.

It’s totally radical to think that fitness isn’t a chore, or a punishment. It’s totally radical to believe that a negative self-image stems from generations of women being told that they weren’t good enough. And what Jenn is doing, by normalizing post-baby bodies, is so radical that you need to hear it to believe it.

Jenn’s new podcast, Body Talks by Baby Mamas, launches TODAY! YES that’s right we totally synced up the release of this episode with her podcast launch! And I’m so totally proud of her accomplishments, and so honoured to be part of her journey to launching this badass pod!

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Podcasting To Inspire True Body Acceptance With Jenn Green
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