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Curious what podcasting for your brand can do to help you grow your business? Look no further than the team behind the fabulous Sunrise Brand Studio, Nathalie Amlani and Erin Dean Williams! This new partnership has already helped hundreds of other purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create cohesive brand strategies. And now they’re about to reach thousands more with the launch of The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast!

Building A Purpose-Driven Business

After meeting through the entrepreneur community Mamas & Co., Nathalie and Erin struck up a friendship that soon became a business partnership. Erin hired Nathalie for some brand photography, and the two soon began working together on complete branding packages for entrepreneurs, using Erin’s website and design skills with Nathalie’s photography skills.

The pair quickly realized that not only did they share a similar vision, but also had a passion for helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs to truly shine through their brands. They created a two-day virtual summit (which I was SO lucky to have the opportunity to speak at) which incorporated tactical marketing and branding topics, as well as mindset, vitality, wellness and goal setting.

Podcasting For Your Brand

The Sunrise Brand Collective podcasting journey began when Nathalie joined Podcast Rocket in May of 2020. She shared her process for capturing her signature personal branding photos with me, which includes an in-depth questionnaire that draws out her client’s vision, as well as conversations that help her clients to feel comfortable and confident as the face of their businesses. Combined with Erin’s passion for creating a fabulous online presence for her clients through websites, the two had a recipe for the perfect podcast.

For Erin and Nathalie, podcasting for their brand means creating deeper connections with their audience and ideal clients. It means building brand loyalty and trust, and it means sharing their passion for creating great brands with the world!

Although it was tough at first to figure out exactly how to get started, they worked through Podcast Rocket and are now working with me to share weekly content with you! YAY!

Make sure you subscribe to their podcast wherever you listen!

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