Monthly Podcast Submissions

How To Send Episodes

All episodes for this month locked and loaded? Send them over to via this form!


Problems with the form? Here’s a quick guide:

Q: I can’t find the draft I was working on!

A: Check the form below! It should bring up your work in progress. If your submission isn’t in there please email [email protected] asap and we will figure it out for you!

Q: I can’t hit “submit”

A: Make sure all of the fields with a red * have been filled out. If you are skipping an episode, just fill the fields with “N/A”.

Q: I didn’t get an email with a summary of my submission.

A: Make sure you hit “Next” at the bottom of the form. On the next page, scroll down and review your submission summary. At the bottom of the summary, hit “submit”. If you still don’t receive an email, please email [email protected] to let me know!​​