Making Sense of Motherhood with Sandra Everets

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Planning to have a baby? Not entirely sure what the different types of baby poops mean? Oh my gosh, without this podcast I would still be absolutely TERRIFIED to enter into motherhood, but I feel WAY better prepared with Making Sense of Motherhood with Sandra Everets, RN, BScN!

About The Podcast

Hi I’m Sandra a Registered Nurse and mom of two. Each week we will talk about a different topic about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, infant sleep, feeding (breastfeeding & bottle feeding) and more! Warm up your coffee for the third time today and join me as I give you tips and tricks you can use with your own babies and children to help navigate motherhood and make it easier for you!

Sandra is a Registered Nurse, Lactation counsellor, Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, Mom of two and The Mama Coach for Halton, Ontario.

What To Expect

Sandra completely removes the fears behind becoming a mother. Frankly, as a mom-to-be (eventually, I hope) I do kind of worry about what the heck to do with a baby! Sandra gives listeners straight-forward advice and sets expectations so that you don’t freak out when your baby doesn’t seem to want to do the thing you think it should be doing. Like latching! She teaches you everything you’d ever need to know about latching! It’s a back of the throat thing, you need to listen. She demos it, and now I know exactly what to listen for.

What I Love About it

Sandra is a great interviewer and super confident podcaster! She absolutely knows her stuff, and shares her expertise with ease! (Did you like that rhyme?) I think what I love the most is that Sandra makes motherhood seem a little less overwhelming, and a heck of a lot more exciting – at least from where podcast producer’s sitting!

Sandra Is The Supreme Mama Coach!

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